The winter of their discontent

The story of Montenegro’s football team is gripping even for those of us who are not particularly big fans of the sport. In just its second international competition, Montenegro – the newest member of FIFA/UEFA – has soared into the Top 30 teams worldwide and left its competitors dazed.

This is not good news for everyone. At least England manager Fabio Capello did not seem happy with his team’s the 0:0 tie with Montenegro last month. They have to wait until spring to try to strike back. For now, England and Montenegro are both going into the Euro 2012 football qualifiers unbeaten.

Montenegro won’t play again till June next year, and we have to wait almost a year to host the English here in Podgorica. But one thing is for sure: Montenegro rules the roost in qualifying Group G until next spring.

Miraculous accomplishment! Even I might join the ranks of the fans of the world’s most popular sport.

PS: Football fans, start memorizing some names. You’ll be hearing them a lot in Poland & Ukraine in 2012!

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1 Response to The winter of their discontent

  1. Dutch says:

    Glad to see basketball and football are not mutually exclusive Mr. Luksic 😉 Go MNE!

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