Fingers crossed…

…this time, not for the future of the world economy, but for our boys. If you haven’t noticed, the U20 European Men’s Basketball Championship is going on right next door in Croatia. After a series of heavy battles (some won, some lost), Montenegro’s national team has made it to the quarterfinals, second in their group (behind Serbia). We square off against Spain on Friday. The Spanish came out first in group D, so nobody expects the upcoming game to be an easy one. I’m hoping the Iberians have used up their luck in the FIFA World Cup football championship. Remember their “binary” results? (1-0 1-0 1-0…)

So Montenegro meets Spain this evening. Don’t forget the date and location: 7 PM, Friday, July 16 in Zadar, Croatia.

(Notice the awkward fact that the Spanish center is called Nikola Mirotic and was born in Podgorica. So at least one Montenegrin family is going to be celebrating today. Though I hope there’s going to be a lot more. )

 Let’s go Montenegro! Bring it on!

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1 Response to Fingers crossed…

  1. Ilija Susa says:

    Really hope you win!
    Greetings from Serbia.

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